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Baby Star Fashions

Those of you who know me know that I absolutely adore Bonang Matheba...I also love her range of handbags... I wouldn't mind owning the following:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's A Nepotist Hip-Hop World

November 30th saw a little Twitter War (Twar) erupt on Twitter between Hip-Hop artists AKA (@akaworldwide) and Morale Veritaz (@moraleveritaz). It was a pretty tedious and childish twar...Even AKA's manager Tebello 'Tibz' Motsoane (@SHOWtibzLOVE) was dragged into the equation. Wouldn't even call it beef it was more like pork... oh well this is how it started out... I'll put up their tweets to each other then add in my opinion... 
Morale'shiphop list 1:@TeargasSA 2: @ProDankieSan 3: me 4: @tumifromthev 5: @khulichana01 6 @L_Tido in no particular order.
Probably AKA was a bit stunned at this then tweeted:
Yo @SHOWtibzLOVE, check @moraleveritaz last tweet!!! Hahahahahahahaha. Dawg, maybe we being unfair? Maybe we "too competitive".
Then it all went wild after that... There are just too many tweets to put up so I'll put up my best 5 from all three of them:


Question: Can yall remember anything memorable @moraleveritazdid in 2010? Coz I think we may be witnessing the highlight.

@MoraleVeritaz are u still sour about an award I won a year ago? Like for real? Did u want to be on the cover? Tell us, what have you done?

@moraleveritaz pour salt on my achievements. I don't mind. Its nothing to me....my success will just sting you that much harder

@MoraleVeritaz Me being on the cover with tido, is me being on the cover wit TIDO. Secondly. I KNOW, u don't like me, but that's cool.

@moraleveritaz then tweet that my song is a "big yawn"..lol. But that's fine, all I'm saying is. Either love me or hate me. U can't do both.


@MTVbaseAfrica do the right thing. Hype Magazine editor @SimmaOne stop putting your cousin @akaworldwide first before everyone.

@akaworldwide U a smaller artist boy.. Big ups to ya management for forging ur success thru unethical ways, nepotism & bias tactics.

We won this war long time ago... R.I.P Casper. AKA (Another Knockoff Artist). Let da music talk. Peace ya'll. Good nyt.

@akaworldwide you're a ghost we long buried yaaaa. @SHOWtibzLOVE trying to be Jesus, trying to resurrect da *dead*.

@akaworldwide. U being on da cover wit @L_Tido is nepotism (da award too), we all know ur relations wit da editor. ...


Aren't u working?? Where do u find the time to be obsessed with me all day dude?? Anyway carry on... @MoraleVeritaz

Dumb cats complain about the Hype awards but little do they know that the lack of unity in hiphop means those awards may never happen again!

U keep saying WE... Who's WE?? U shat on your own team in the Hype... Be easy with the plural... Stand on your own @MoraleVeritaz

Their strategy is to never put their brand at risk and to mess with entities that bring value... Submit your profile @MoraleVeritaz

It's very important for u to know that u have no part in our strategy,we don't think about u... Get us outa ur head @moraleveritaz

I see all these but I have my 3 favourite... These for me were just a case of killing each other

Tibz to Morale

Probably the saddest tweet I've ever read.Btw @2freshLES territory is his,not yours.Claim your own bandwagon n get off his @moraleveritaz

Morale to AKA

@akaworldwide... Pick ya battles wisely boi...

And The Winner:
AKA to Morale

"@MoraleVeritaz: @akaworldwide... Pick ya battles wisely boi..."*this aint a battle. If u want one....pull your career out the fridge first*

We just had to have some fans adding spice to the pork... Seems like most of the flavour was to AKA... Here's the proof:

There's war between @akaworldwide and morale. What is morale famous for again? #remindmeplease

"@Diva_Helen: Picked up on a lil tweet war between @akaworldwide and morale. Who is morale? Should I know him? Oh well who cares"*hahahaha*

@Iman_LaFoi tweeted: I wish I knew what beef people are talking about...Wus Morale,lets start thre?

And I tweeted: I'm just really disappointed in them hey it was so unecessary... Someone was bitter RT @I_Iz_Nuvo: Thando_Dlamini ... Or am I lying dear?

Thank you @akaworldwide for leaving this whole thang with @moraleveritas like @SHOWtibzLOVE this is just sad... You larger than that

Now enough with the tweets this is what I think... Morale was just being bitter... B.I.T.T.E.R. that's all there is to it... A cat he came out before is making it big and he's still sitting on his behind trying to put togethr an album... Like Tibz said to Morale:

 U keep saying WE... Who's WE?? U shat on your own team in the Hype... Be easy with the plural... Stand on your own @MoraleVeritaz

Morale kept on referring to them... who is them? Well "them" would be The Glitz Gang which Morale is or was a member of (last I heard he and Sean Pages had left them team). I don't think I have much more to say on this except the face that Morale is a bitter old boy. He shouted nepotism saying the only reason AKA had won a HYPE Award and was on the Dec-Jan issue was because he is cousins with HYPE editor. Then he went on to saying the only reason why he was getting so many MTVBase gigs was because Tibz has relatives at Base...

Like I said to a dear friend of mine on Twitter:

Oh and until he makes it as Morale and not Morale of Glitz Gang we shall talk @I_Iz_Nuvo as of now I'm #donewiththis #Ithankyou

Now I'm done with this
P.S. Morale please grow up and focus on making a success of yourself instead of being bitter... yes... Bitter

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Bees, Queen Bees, And Bees Fallen From Grace

2010 was in all its might quite an interesting year... A lot happened in our little entertainment industry... New bees buzzed, old bees moved up the ladder and some fell from grace... So I guess these are my highlights of the year... Legggooo
1. Minenhle Minnie Dlamini

Say what you may, but this girl took the SA entertainment industry by storm. After winning the Live Presenter Search, she took over Phila's job as field presenter before moving on to being in studio as what she refers to herself as... the tweetceptionist. A while after that she graced our screens as Miranda, a happy go lucky girl on Generations. We yet to still see that character develop into something big. As she said on Real Goboza, Miranda will be back on in January. But it's notonly her career that put her in headlines. Her alleged relationship with Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper, itumeleng Khune. They were even dubbed ItuMi. But she said in Drum Magazine that she and Itu are just really good friends. 
Mhmmm isn't that the same thing Bonang said about Euphonik before confessing that he indeed was her "superman"?. Oh well then i hope Minnie's career goes only stronger from here
P.S. Can she ease up on the Intombi yomZulu chesse girl English twang.

2. Bonang "B" Matheba
No doubtly one of the biggest names in the industry at the moment. And anyone who knows me will know that I absolutely die for this lady... I love her... Started off with Manhattans Fantasy Challenge at age 15. She did several other presenting jobs on SABC 2 catering for tweenies. Them her big break came along in the form of Live. She co-hosted this with T-Bo Touch. This was the start of the Bonang craze. Since then she has achieved much... Her highlights for 2010 have to be her relationship and alleged engagement to 5fm dj Themba Euphonik Nkosi. She 's also working with international reality tv star Kim Kardashian on a new Brutal fruit flavour Brutal Cheecky. She then got drive sponsored by Peugot and was named the face of Gert Johan Cotzee creations. At just 23 she has achieved  a whole lot. She can't just be headlined for the good things, there is also dirt there. Very popular and frequent on social networking site, Twitter, she was hailed as The Queen Blocker, your girl 'B'locker and Blockang for blocking followers as she lacks the capability of taking in criticism... 
One thing B needs to always keep in mind is the fact that you are nothing without your fans.

3. Dineo Ranaka

Mam' Daddy... With a drive-time show on one of the most popular radio stations in the country and a music show on Etv under her belt she's definitely going places. Having gave birth to her first child, a son, there was much speculation over who the father of the baby is. Later it was revealed that Tuks Senganga is Dineo's baby daddy. What else got her into the headlines this year? Her brawl with Kelly Khumalo of course. At the Yfm Divas Party, Dineo was to interview Kelly on her career, but seeing as she hadn't had an album out as yet, Dineo saw it more relevant to ask her about her pregnancy and motherhood. However, Kelly took this as a personal atttack. Blah, blah, blah how boring. At this year's Feather Awards, Dineo was awarded Fag Hag of the year. Well then I hope she continues making our afternoons on her drive-time show, cracking us up on Twitter and happy family cannoting with Tuks and the baby... (thats if they still together).

4. AKA, Khuli Chana and L-Tido

Well these three have come a long way in their careers with all three starting out in groups. AKA for those of you who don't know was a member of Entity, Khuli Chana a member of Morafe and L-Tido a member of The Glitz Gang.

 AKA is building quite a name for himself working with what is the hottest production team at the moment I.V. League and being under ShowMusic Management. With hits like I Want It All and Victory Lap under his belt and a Hype award for Best Newcomer, I think we yet to see huge things from this young man. With his album Career Student dropping in 2011, I can confidently say we can look forward to good music in the new year.

Khuli Chana needs no introduction. He is fastly becoming one of the hottest and relevant hip hop artists in SA. With hits such as Tswak' Stikem, Freshe and Sthandwa 'Sam under his belt plus a Hype Award for Best Hip-Hop artist and a Channel O Award for Best Newcomer we can no doubtly say the Motswako' originator is the big thang.

Then we have L-Tido who has worked with the likes of Maggz, Da L.E.S, and under production with Bongani Fassie as well as Sean Pages, he is carrying on with building his career. Under his belt he dots a hit single We Rollin with Teargas member K.O. which is quite big on the airwaves at the moment and recently won a Channel O Award for Best Newcomer. He is well representing the swag generation of hip hop artists. He's successfully made a name of himself as L-Tido and not as L-Tido of the Glitz Gang (maybe Morale can get a few tips from him).
The three grace the cover of the December issue of HYPE Magazine.

5. Phila Mazibuko
Young Durbanite boy. First came onto our screens as T-bo Touch's replacement on Live, he then moved on to play Sphamandla on SABC 2 drama, Muvhango. Shortly after that, he released his debut pop album which got nominated for a Metro Award. He then won Best Styled Artist at the Metros. He now presents Mzansi Insider alongside The Twinz. Well all I can say ngo mfana wakwaMazibuko is that he sure will go far in his career. Hell he's the male version of Minenhle.

Let Them Have Croissants And Blue Chesse

khanyi_mbau_largeA culture of splurging has taken root in South Africa. Obscene amounts of money are spent on expensive cars, flashy jewellery and designer clothes, which are all then shown off at the trendiest spots. Being seen to be rich is everything.
This was an episode most looked forward to. With the countdown of the top five SA blingers, we were let into the world of the elite and rich as the self-proclaimed Queen of Bling, Khanyi Mbau gave Deborah Patta an exclusive…
“I do have a conscious… It’s that conscious that tells me to go get that car”
Bear in mind that this is all just my opinion on the matter. Personally I like Khanyi. I admire her however I don’t aspire to be like her. I admire her for making her bed and lying in it with the most comfort ever. She made her choices and she doesn’t seem a teeny bit regretful for that. This is who she is and no matter how much we can go cussing her out, it won’t change a thing. 
“I won’t date a poor man but I don’t make it my business to look for a rich man either”.
My question is simple… Where does Khanyi get all this money? First she got married to millionare Mandla Mthembu, who turned out to be broke.She then went on to some unkown rich man who sported her her second Lamborghini… in black… Then came along Thenius Crous…A very publicised affair… Everyone knew Thenius was married, married to a girl Khanyi was once friends with, Primrose Crous. This still points to me that Khanyi could be less bothered what people say about her. She’s living her life and she’s living it large.Apart from the R35000 an appearance, how else does Khanyi get the money to splurge like this? I mean she threw a sushi party at Zar as her send-off for Thailand. That most certainly did not come cheap, we learnt that much from Zar co-owner Kenny Kunene.
“I will not feel sorry for someone who can’t afford bread, I will have my croissant and blue cheese. I’ll have 10 of them”
I won’t try to justify Khanyi and her actions, but all I really can say is this; How does she measure her success? What is it that has made her successful? What’s made her famous for being well famous? I think she made a very valid point when saying she doesn’t want to be a role model. At least she has realized that much, that she shouldn’t be luring younger girls into this kind of lifestyle because let’s face it, at the end of the day we don’t know what she gets up to behind closed doors.
All I wonder is this… How will Khano grow up to know her mother? At some point Khanyi’s good motherhood will be questioned by her reputation.
In her famous words… Divas Never Die