Thursday, September 23, 2010


When you look at me
What do you see?
When you look at her
What do you see?
Do you see beauty ?
Do you see someone gorgeous or?
Am I meant to carry my beauty
and not just wear it?
Does my beauty not come through
or is my skin to dark to allow
it to radiate?
You see it clearly in her cause
her skin is light enough to radiate?
Should I not love my skin because
you find it... not a shade of beauty?
I live in my skin
I am not my skin

No Other Soulmate

I loved,
I laughed,
I cried and,
I screamed
I loved him so much
it felt like a sin of some kind
He was my first,
my last and my all.
He was my earth
and my King
He made me whole
he broke me into pieces
Left me shattered
and bleeding
Lwft me with nowhere
to go and with no sense
of myself
I had lost a gemstone
I had lost a valuable gift
that will never be granted to me again
For there is no other besides him...
No Other Soulmate...

Another Chance

As to where you came from
I still wonder
We've known each other
But not on this level
We had to go and complicate things
Turn something so simple into something
complex, puzzling and muddled up
But I guess sharing that most
unfortunate moment changed things
Will you break my heart or mend it?
Thought it'll give you the benefit of the doubt
Give it a run see where it'll take us
Oh but how I regret that decision
Is this how it'll be?
Is this how you imagined it?
If so it's good to know
But this ain't cutting it for me
To think I thought we had a chance
We could make this work
I can't believe it's going like this
Coz all I wanted from you and I
Was just another chance...