Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Light Skinned Girls and Some Kelly Rowlands

If you not familiar with the term Yellow Bone major side eye... Where have you been hiding? If you not familiar with the unspoken battle between Yellow Bones and Chocolate Brownies double that major side eye... You probably been dead for the past year and a half...
Yellow Bone vs. Choc Brownies
No one can possibly tell me that there is no competition between light skinned girls and Kelly Rowlands. The competition may not have been instigated by them, but it was sure instigated by the males. When the term yellow bone came out in a popular hip hop song ( don't ask me which one as most of them have yellow bone in it) it made such headlines. Some people were really unaware of what a yellow bone is but Joburg guys coined the term faster than they coin a stable relationship. That was the start of the yellow bone craze. 
Guys seemingly started going for light skinned girls rather than dark skinned girls as yellow bones were hailed as beautiful. It really got a whole lot of dark skinned girls feeling quite insecure about their complexions. If you ain't a yellow bone, you ain't shit. I bet all of us have reached a predicament where we experienced the yellow bone vs. choc brownie competition up close. But the only catch is this:
The competition between light skinned and dark skinned didn't begin with the yellow bone craze... it's been there for a long time. In America, we saw dark skinned girls going through the extreme brutality of using chemical products that would help them become light skinned... Skin bleaching. this is quite a dangerous thing to go through as it takes all sorts of strain on your skin, but in the quest of becoming light skinned and being perceived as beautiful, they would put themselves through it.
of course in South Africa we don't have cases as such, but really that doesn't mean that dark skinned girls don't feel the pressure put on them by light skinned girls. The popular Joburg party which was held at Zouk the past weekend just adds fuel to the fire. So what are Joburg guys doing? Filling a club full of light skinned girls and dark skinned girls and make them compete to see which is the better flavour?
Yellow Bone or Choc Brownie?
I really find it ridiculous how people would want to determine a persons worth by their complexion. I love the chorus to Wale's song Shades:
From a light skinned girl to a dark skinned brother shades don't matter heart shapes the lover...
This too me clarifies it... This is how we should be thinking... Shades don't matter.
I have nothing against yellow bones, I got yellow bone friends whom I love to death all I'm simply doing is highlighting how much effect complexion has on people's lives...

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