Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Girl Loves Celebrity Dick

I really don't want to be mean... I really love this little gallie... She's my friend after all but Girl Loves Celebrity Dick...
As friends we are meant to correct you when you do wrong, tell you when that doesn't look good on you because at the end of the day people judge us by the people with hang out with. Girl Loves Celebrity Dick. 
I emphasise on her loving celebrity dick purely because that some celebrity dick she loves so much will be the end of her. The whole notion of absent fathers has been stretched a tad bit too long. Just because you have an absent father or rather in this case a mofo of a strict father, you think seeking love from men outside will fill that gap that you have in your heart? Well guess what? the only gap they filling is the one between your legs... Girl Loves Celebrity Dick.
Started with soccer players, moved on to actors/presenters, hip hop artists and when she wanted to make the subsequent move to Djs... the Dj she was targeting didn't give her the light of day... so then what does she go do? Talk smack about Djs... Girl Loves Celebrity Dick.
When you jump into bed with a celebrity there is no mistake to it. Girls are so prone to blaming their sexual excursions to mistakes... You knew exactly who or what he is and you wanted him... there was no mistake about that... Girl Loves Celebrity Dick.
This really isn't about my gallie, it's about a whole lot of other gallies out there who do men like they going out of fashion using the absent father excuse as a justification of their lack of control. I have an absent father, I have friends with absent fathers but that don't mean that our void should be filled by men who enjoy dipping in you and not enjoy being with you. That's the bottom line, he dips and walks away. If he dips and comes back for more trust me it's not because he loves you, it's clearly coz your dip is tasty *side eye*, so really you don't need to call him your "pudding" coz when he's with his boys he tells them how much he loves your pudding. Girl Loves Celebrity Dick.
I guess what I'm saying is, stop using your father as an excuse for every other man to get in between your legs... I think maybe it's time you closed your legs and opened your mind.
P.S. Celebrity Dick is the baddest dick to fux around with *pun intended*

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