Monday, October 18, 2010

The Forbidden Fruit

Why is it that we are always attracted to things that will never belong to us?
The forces of human nature have thought us that we are more likely to be attracted to things out of our grasp rather than things within our grasp. Unfortunately as humans, we always persist in trying to get those things, even though, we know it in the back of our minds that they simply just can't be.
I looked at something that could never be mine and wished it were, but when the prospect of it going to someone else, someone close to me, someone I know, it hurt. It hurt more than it would have if it had gone on to someone I barely knew, a total stranger, but for the fact that it went where I would constantly see it was just... too much.
But then again it is said that if it is his will, God will bless you with it in due time. It's obvious to me that it wasn't his will... not for me anyway
when you can't compete with it, it is so much more better to just make peace with it and let it go...
Coz the forbidden fruit is so much tastier... It's not our fault that the forces of nature are stronger than us

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gossip Girl Invades Joburg

You know you love me
Gossip Girl
American teen drama series Gossip Girl has really had a massive impact on Joburg. The J-Sec as it is frequently known has slowly turned into The Upper East Side. Gossip Girl revolves around gossip, hence the title. It is based on the lives of six main characters who attend a private school in New York City. The mystery blogger Gossip Girl follows the lives of these six characters and posts gossip about them on the net.
The life of Gossip Girl is seemingly well sought after in Joburg as the fashion, the partying and the social scheming has become so familiar in Joburg. It's also sought after in the blogger way hence the creation of anonymous Twitter account @GossipGirl_Sa and @jhbgossipgirl as well as numerous Facebook accounts such as Truth'be Told, Jozi Expose and Talk More.Personally I find that these "Gossip Girl" wannabes need to up their game if they really want to earn and own the title of "Gossip Girl" in the J-Sec. Their gossip makes for a good laugh and is quite entertaining for others such as myself but they do trigger fury in their own targets. All these "Gossip Girls" seemingly have their own targets. Truth'be Told targets high school socialites whilst Jozi Expose and GossipGirl_Sa target from varsity socialites to our very own celebrities. Even if I should say so myself, GossipGirl_Sa could dig up way more dirt than the scrapings she publishes.

Yet on the other hand I applaud them for the gutty thing they doing. @jhbgossipgirl tweeted "this page is about you the almost famous. We know you wish you were famous so we gonna make you famous". But really this whole Gossip Girl invades J-Sec swag really has got me thinking. Half of the people these "Gossip Girls" target are the people who are "famous" but no one ever really knows what they famous for.Just like The Upper East Side, the J-Sec is filled with your Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Dan Humphrey, Jenny Humphrey and the Queen B's/ Frenemies and best friends Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. The Jenny Humphrey's of the J-Sec are the girls who are still crawling in the social circles, the girls who are still trying to figure out friend from foe, the girls who everyone perceives as simple and easy targets are actually the girls you shouldn't undermine and belittle, girls like myself. The Serena's and Blair's of the J-Sec are the girls you find at the same clubs every weekend, the cool bunch at Bowls on a Friday afternoon, the girls who are on a first name basis with celebrities. Those are the girls who share shots of Patron tonight and back stab each other tomorrow

Girls need to know who their real friends are. How these people get people's personal info... Back stabbing bitches.

It's quite sad though how we won't know who these people are. Joburg has just turned into a pool of plastic. The same people you chill with at Bowls on a Friday afternoon are the same people who'll be sitting without you Monday afternoon at Pantsula Bites talking about you and scrutinizing your character. The same people you think of as friends are the same people who, tomorrow, will stick the knife in your back with a smile, twist it with a laugh and pull it out with a pout.

It's so sad to be a group of fake people. It's one thing to be fake to strangers but now you being fake to your own friends.. Shame, the lives some people live.

Life isn't a drama where you have to be someone else that you are not just to please people who watch you.

In all honesty, we can all Facebook, Tweet or BBM each other, we can all run around club hopping in the Rosebank District in our 5inch stilletos partying up a storm but when we leave, some leave to get their names talked on. When will the time come when one can go out and not be topic of discussion the next morning. We can't all be liked by everyone and we can't all be friends with everyone, we simply just can't. If you are liked by everyone and friends with everyone REALITY CHECK 80% of those people are pretending. Pretence has become the new shade of lipstick or nail polish.

Give me a reason to be fake... Sorry but I'm not that desperate to make "friends". I'd rather be alone and real than be fake with a ton of friends.

Everyone wants to pretend. What happened to being real?
There's a saying that goes... "You get three types of people in your life. People who are in your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime". All I'm saying is take a long objective observation into your plastic ridden lives and social circles and see who's there for a reason, a season, and a lifetime.

There's nothing wrong with being real... Anyway didn't you know? Plastic burns a whole lot faster

Whip My Hair

Is Willow Smith the next Rihanna

9 year old Willow Smith has recently released her single off her upcoming debut album under record label Roc Nations. She's being compared to pop princess Rihanna. Whether this is a good compariosn, I know not.

Her single Whip My Hair will no doubt be a hit. Little girl sure knows how to sing. Personally I don't think she sounds anything like Rihanna, she sounds way better than the 22 year old pop princess. But this is not to discuss who the better singer is between Willow and Rihanna, but rather to express my sincere concern about young Willow.

I sincerely feel she is still way too young to be shoved under the spotlight. She hasn't even reached puberty (well I hope not lol) unlike other youngins under the spotlight such as Justin Bieber and Diggy Simmons. The success of her brother, Jaden Smith's, acting career may have left Willow feeling like an "outcast" of some sort in a family of fame and stardom. She may have seen using her voice as a way to move up one level. With daddy Will Smith have being a rapper in his early days, Willow would turn to him for "parental guidance".

She no dount has a good voice however for a 9 year old the bright liights of Tinseltown may prove to be too overwhelming for her. With parents like Will and Jada and their busy schedules as A-list actors, they may not always be around to shield young Willow from the dog-eat-dog world she finds herself in.

I just hope she doesn't take on more than she can handle as she has already set her eyes on establishing herself as a little fashionista. At 9, I just merely think Willow should be focusing more on being a child rather than a pop princess

Jimmy Choo

Steve Madden

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The popular song of the moment "Jezebel" has araised much debate...
What or who is Jezebel?
According to T'Zozo and Proffesor, Jezebel is a girl known for sleeping with or dating Dj's.
"Ngine ntombi ethand' aboDj ngishu...ngishu... Jezebel"
In Joburg, Jezebel would be affiliated with girls who run in the social circle, girls you find out at clubs or any other sort of party Dj's would be highly found at. In my opinion, a Jezebel is not only synonomous for sleeping with Dj's but rather how they carry themselves. Jezebel has no age and little standards and boundaries.
The girls you find out in clubs, trying to worm their way onto the guestlist and into the VIP box. They always make it a point to catch the Ladies Free Before 11pm and can never quite afford to buy themselves their own drinks beyond the first round. Some do ,however, worm their way into VIP successfully. We know they not paying for those bottles they popping so they sure are going to be popping other things later.
You find them dancing like cheap whores in front of the DJ box and only leave the club when the Dj packs up. She then stands outside in clear eye view pretending to be on the phone calling a cab home whn there are cabs standing right in front of her.
Trust me, I have seen this with my own two eyes being a party person myself. I've seen girls throwing themslves onto not only Dj's but any other kind of "celebrity". These are the kind of girls rapper AKA could be said of talking about or referring to in his hit single "I Want It All". He says...
You see all these girls in the club Saturday night then they'd be acting all Christian the next day...
These are your Jezebels.
Now let's not mistake the girls we see in club frequently hanging out with these Dj's whether it's in the VIP or jamming next to them in the DJ box. Those girls are the girls you will see thm with at every other gig they playing at... Those girls might be their girlfriends or just friends... They are not Jezebels...
All I'm saying is if you carry yourself as a Jezebel people will be more prone to calling you a Jezebel. Sometimes our actions have the untamed tendency of conveying a different opinion.