Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whip My Hair

Is Willow Smith the next Rihanna

9 year old Willow Smith has recently released her single off her upcoming debut album under record label Roc Nations. She's being compared to pop princess Rihanna. Whether this is a good compariosn, I know not.

Her single Whip My Hair will no doubt be a hit. Little girl sure knows how to sing. Personally I don't think she sounds anything like Rihanna, she sounds way better than the 22 year old pop princess. But this is not to discuss who the better singer is between Willow and Rihanna, but rather to express my sincere concern about young Willow.

I sincerely feel she is still way too young to be shoved under the spotlight. She hasn't even reached puberty (well I hope not lol) unlike other youngins under the spotlight such as Justin Bieber and Diggy Simmons. The success of her brother, Jaden Smith's, acting career may have left Willow feeling like an "outcast" of some sort in a family of fame and stardom. She may have seen using her voice as a way to move up one level. With daddy Will Smith have being a rapper in his early days, Willow would turn to him for "parental guidance".

She no dount has a good voice however for a 9 year old the bright liights of Tinseltown may prove to be too overwhelming for her. With parents like Will and Jada and their busy schedules as A-list actors, they may not always be around to shield young Willow from the dog-eat-dog world she finds herself in.

I just hope she doesn't take on more than she can handle as she has already set her eyes on establishing herself as a little fashionista. At 9, I just merely think Willow should be focusing more on being a child rather than a pop princess

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  1. Will Smith needs to send his kids back to school! the man doesn't need anymore money than he has already. Willow is very talented but she's just too young.