Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The popular song of the moment "Jezebel" has araised much debate...
What or who is Jezebel?
According to T'Zozo and Proffesor, Jezebel is a girl known for sleeping with or dating Dj's.
"Ngine ntombi ethand' aboDj ngishu...ngishu... Jezebel"
In Joburg, Jezebel would be affiliated with girls who run in the social circle, girls you find out at clubs or any other sort of party Dj's would be highly found at. In my opinion, a Jezebel is not only synonomous for sleeping with Dj's but rather how they carry themselves. Jezebel has no age and little standards and boundaries.
The girls you find out in clubs, trying to worm their way onto the guestlist and into the VIP box. They always make it a point to catch the Ladies Free Before 11pm and can never quite afford to buy themselves their own drinks beyond the first round. Some do ,however, worm their way into VIP successfully. We know they not paying for those bottles they popping so they sure are going to be popping other things later.
You find them dancing like cheap whores in front of the DJ box and only leave the club when the Dj packs up. She then stands outside in clear eye view pretending to be on the phone calling a cab home whn there are cabs standing right in front of her.
Trust me, I have seen this with my own two eyes being a party person myself. I've seen girls throwing themslves onto not only Dj's but any other kind of "celebrity". These are the kind of girls rapper AKA could be said of talking about or referring to in his hit single "I Want It All". He says...
You see all these girls in the club Saturday night then they'd be acting all Christian the next day...
These are your Jezebels.
Now let's not mistake the girls we see in club frequently hanging out with these Dj's whether it's in the VIP or jamming next to them in the DJ box. Those girls are the girls you will see thm with at every other gig they playing at... Those girls might be their girlfriends or just friends... They are not Jezebels...
All I'm saying is if you carry yourself as a Jezebel people will be more prone to calling you a Jezebel. Sometimes our actions have the untamed tendency of conveying a different opinion.

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