Monday, October 18, 2010

The Forbidden Fruit

Why is it that we are always attracted to things that will never belong to us?
The forces of human nature have thought us that we are more likely to be attracted to things out of our grasp rather than things within our grasp. Unfortunately as humans, we always persist in trying to get those things, even though, we know it in the back of our minds that they simply just can't be.
I looked at something that could never be mine and wished it were, but when the prospect of it going to someone else, someone close to me, someone I know, it hurt. It hurt more than it would have if it had gone on to someone I barely knew, a total stranger, but for the fact that it went where I would constantly see it was just... too much.
But then again it is said that if it is his will, God will bless you with it in due time. It's obvious to me that it wasn't his will... not for me anyway
when you can't compete with it, it is so much more better to just make peace with it and let it go...
Coz the forbidden fruit is so much tastier... It's not our fault that the forces of nature are stronger than us

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